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Decitech Consulting Inc :  Client Services Management Application.

Module:  Itenary of Services.

First part of the project


This Itenary of Services module will have the following:

-Login page - Should have simple User Management for Admin User.

- Screen to Enter the Data such as following

1) Item No:

2) Client Name:

3 ) Service Type : Has option to Choose (IT Staffing / Client project in house)

4) Monthly Revenue:

services Start date

Services End date :  Choose either On Going or End date and that should be stored

in the database

Employee assigned:  

Employee Immigration Status : Choose from drop down options

                                                    H1b or Green Card / US Citizen /EAD /TN visa /C2c/1099

Project Description:   A Text Box to enter project Description that is being done  for the client

Project done thru  :  Option to choose  Direct client  or Vendor ?

If vendor is choosen

Vendor Name: 

So there should be a screen to enter the above fields and store in the Database.

Also there should be facility to add any other field in the future.

Second Part of the project:

Generate Report -

Itenrary of services report

a) we will choose either by client name: Client name should be listed from the Database

and should can drop down to choose the client name and click on Generate report

and it  should produce report in PDF file. 

b)  Choose by Specific period (Start Date and end date) - user has the option to choose

the start date and end date from the calendar or user can enter directly the date in DD/MM//YY format.

Webapp Development for Video/Audiio  Analysis -FFMpeg tool

It is a collabrative projects where enrolled students work on the project

and deliver desired out put


FFMpeg tool

Youtube Video downloader


install FFMpeg