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The Complete Android Mobile Application Course

  •  You will be trained in OO design and Java Application Development.
  • Learn  SQLite, MySQL or similar database management system
  • Learn to work  with Eclipse Editor
  • optimize Complex Android Applications using  Android SDK and NDK
  • Do Xml parsing and Json parsing, SQLite & Web Services.
  • Develop Mobile Apps  with the Android SDK.

Duration: 3 - 6 months

Object Oriented Design and Analysis

Core Java Programming

Java Web Programming Basics(Servlets,JSP)

Advance Java Programming (Concurrency, Junit, Serialization, RMI

Spring Framework programming

Web Services programming

Java Development tools (Code Quality Analysis, Version Control & Build Tools - Maven basics, Maven Advanced) , Testing tools : SELENIUM

Java Performance( Load testing using Jmeter, I/O Performance, web Performance, Eclipse Memory Analyzer, 

Staffing  Employee Relationship Management - A Live  Web Based Project to be developed

Did you know that 75% of all websites today, are developed in PHP?

In this course, you will master the fundamentals and become an expert PHP web developer. But that isn't all... 

We'll teach you how to work with popular PHP web frameworks, in order to build high performing web applications easily, 

However, just knowing how to develop in PHP is not enough for today's market. 

That's why we train you with many of today's popular & most-used web technologies that are used in the industry.

You will have the chance to work on an exciting live project at the end of the course.

Course objectives:

  • Strong understanding of object-oriented web development & OOAD.
  • Profound knowledge of popular PHP web frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Laravel, and others.
  • Web Service experience.
  • HTML/ Javascript / Ajax / JQuery/ExtJS Framwork
  • GIT (Source Control Version System)
  • Strong Database and SQL skills

  ... and much more!

The Complete Python Django Developer


  • Python programming fundamentals -  from Beginning to Advanced Level
  • Automation testing with python scripting
  • Python/Django Framework Development and Management - Beginning to Advanced
  • Managing and developing for relational databases, such as MySQL, and PostgreSQL.
  • Deploying Python applications to scalable Cloud infrastructures, used by big companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.
  • Practical use of technologies used by the industry to manage and scale such cloud infrastructure.
  • Develop and deploy real apps, similar Twitter and!

Duration: 3 - 6 months

Project Management

After completion you will be able to perform the following Job Duties

  • Develop project plans to manage end-to-end project activities and execution approach, including cross-project dependencies
  •  Define, document and obtain approval of project objective, requirements and specifications through stakeholder discussions
  • Define purpose, project roles, tasks, milestones, budgets and measures of project success
  • Manage the project estimating activity and change control process
  •  Develop and support stakeholder communication processes for project-level and portfolio summary status, and other communication required to support successful delivery and management of business expectations
  • Monitor projects on an ongoing basis, evaluating progress and quality, managing issue resolution process and taking corrective action as necessary
  •  Monitor financial delivery and issue management processes, escalating issues and variances to budgets where necessary
  • Manage day-to-day workload of team members by proactively identifying and resolving issues that would present a risk to on-time implementation of the program / project

  • Learn Microsoft software development technologies, including the C# language and .Net Framework, SQL Server, and Visual Studio.
  •  Ability to apply.Design Patterns and SOLID principles of object oriented programming.
  • Work in Latest MS Visual Studio  (and previous versions) plus tools such as NUnit and ReSharper, DevExpress, TestDriven.NET, Code Collaborator, TFS, and SVN source control systems.
  • Work with each of the following technologies: C# .NET, MS SQL Server  WPF, WinForms, XML,   MSBuild.
  • Coding with multi-threading, concurrency, parallelism, and synchronization implementation.
  •  Learn understanding of communication protocols TCP, UDP, and HTTP.
  •  Learn performance and code and memory profiling tools and practices
  • Exposure to  Web Services (SOAP, WCF, Restful)
  •  Learn Windows Services in .NET